A platform for working towards making Scots translations and localisations available to FOSS users around the world.

Scots overview

And so it begins...

I've finally got around to set up this site to help with the Scots translation of Drupal. Yes! I've been talking about it, well, almost since I first learned about Scots as a language of its own (as opposed to just being an English dialect), and here I finally am! The Drupal project for the translation can be found here!


Review, translate, import

Different tabs allow you to view existing translations, suggest new ones, import translations completed offline or export translations for import to Drupal or offline work.

Progress status

Status overview

  • 2 contributors
  • 4332 strings to translate
  • 71 translations recorded
  • 8 suggestions awaiting approval

Top contributors

People with most approved translations

  • Freso - 57 translations
  • - 11 translations
  • AndrewB - 3 translations